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Reading Test Success


Main Idea
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Main Idea



Topic – the main subject of a reading or idea

main idea – the keywords or sentence describing what a reading is about

seldom – rarely; not often

statistics – numbers that give you an idea of how many or how much of something  is important

comprehension - understanding

topic sentence – a sentence that tells you the main idea of a paragraph or reading

thesis – an idea or position that can be proven using facts

theme – a main idea that you find over and over again in a text or reading


Author's Purpose





author’s purpose – the goal the writer has in mind when writing a particular work.

persuade – to convince or change someone’s mind to agree with a point or idea

biography – a story written about someone’s life that is written by another person

fictitious – fake; made-up





inferring – using the information the author gives and prior knowledge to draw a conclusion or make a prediction

schema – a pattern, outline or model; especially a pattern of thinking

interpretation – explaining or analyzing a reading using your opinion and facts from the reading

explicitly – in a complete and clear way; leaving nothing to guess about

implicit – something that is understood, but not directly; left to make an educated guess

proficient – being very good or above average at something

conclusion – the decision made after considering all the information

prediction – something that can be told before it actually happens or is learned about

critical judgment – drawing conclusions about what is correct or incorrect

analytical judgment – drawing conclusions about how things relate to each other



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