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Author's Purpose
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Author's Purpose


The author’s purpose is the goal the writer has in mind when writing a particular work. The writer selects and arranges material to reach that goal.  Most authors’ purposes fall into three categories: to inform, persuade, or entertain.

 Suppose you want to read a book about baseball.  When you are choosing a book, you should be alert to the author’s purpose.  One writer may want to teach the rules of the game and another may want to give tips on pitching.   A third author will present a biography of a famous player, while a fourth may intend to entertain with an account of a fictitious major league team.

Writers may have even more specific purposes.  One writer’s biography may inform by telling a straightforward fact filled account, while another writer may wish to inspire by stressing how the player overcame obstacles on his way.  Recognizing the author’s purpose will help you determine how successful the author is in reaching that goal.


author's purpose practice

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